Excel in Basketball is one of the longest running camps in the country. Since 1981 we have remained steadfast in our mission to “Change the World One Player at a Time”. In an era where every person runs a camp to make money, we continue to thrive becuase we aren’t here for money, we are here to provide families in our community with a one-of-a kind experience that serve them for years to come. But, don’t take our word for it…just ask some of the families who have particiapted over the past few decades…

“I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave to me and my boys. We have moved to Las Vegas and will not be able to attend any more of your camps. You and your son will always be in our hearts as your attitude and spirit are inspirational and uplifting. Go Excel

Hilary G.

“Wanted to let you know that I made the Freshman Team at Monte Vista High School last week. I wanted to say thank you along with the other coaches for helping preparing me for High School Basketball. I am so thankful for all the work you put in with me. I hope to continue playing and participating in your organization.”

Kevin S.

“Following up to let you know that I made the JV Team at Carondelet High School. I wanted to say thank you for helping me achieve my goal. Without Excel Camp, my fundamentals in Shooting, Defense, and Post one on one would not be where they are today. My coach noticed my shooting form right away and I told him that Excel Shooting Camp is where I learned everything I know about shooting.”

Makenzie M.

“We will see you next summer! By the way, your stories come up driving with the boys and their friends during car pool time; I love it!”

Patty D.

“Thanks for providing the best summer camp experience for our girls. When they came home each day, they were full of excitement and enthusiasm about the new skills they learned and couldn’t wait to practice them for the next day. They loved competing against their peers, but more so, they loved being praised and positively acknowledged by all of you. We are incredibly grateful to all of you for touching their lives and inspiring them to be better players, but more importantly, better people in our community. The story you told about Cindy Lowe was extremely touching and I hope the kids will aspire to be like her and model the same values.”

Tanya W.

“My daughter had a very positive experience at camp. She’s been carrying her notes around, eating breakfast in a defensive stance, showing off her spider skills and figure eights, taking shots, etc. The combination of practical coaching and thinking about the situations really resonated with her.”

Melanie K.

“My son just finished his first Excel camp and LOVED it (as did I). It was so cute to see him writing down notes every day when I picked him up and then as we drove home he would tell me all the stories the staff told at camp about how to be a better player. (one was about eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a defensive stance). Then, every day after camp, he asked me to take him down to the courts near our house so he could practice. Awesome!!!!”

Virginia C.

“I wanted to let you know that while I was on a business call, my son left me a note saying: ‘is there anything I can do around the house?’ He went to the basement, brought up the laundry and folded it! Amazing! Whatever you are doing at camp is working!”

Sue T.

“Thank you for a great week of camp for my daughter. She is looking forward to Shooting Camp and I am looking forward to consistent bed-making!”

Carolyn T.

“I learned more at Excel then I did at any other basketball camp I have ever done. I found it very interesting how you said that being a great teammate is the most important skill in basketball. I like that you said winners start their day by making their bed, I have been working on that!”

Isaac H.

“Thanks for providing such a wonderful basketball camp for my daughter. This was her third year and she always looks forward to it and is sad when it ends. That is the best review a child can give a camp. I especially love your messages to the kids about working hard, treating your teammates and coaches and families with respect and striving for perfection.” These messages, plus the wonderful basketball instruction, makes this camp very special.”

Dana A.

“Thanks for an amazing three weeks for my boys. I have never seen my sons so comfortable and confident! My youngest son has gone from a shy, quiet, nervous child to someone who is bursting with confidence. These two years at camp have given him independence and a surge of confidence. My oldest son had lost some confidence, but after three weeks of camp, we see him walking taller every day. The quality of kids you attract made him excited to go to camp every day.”

Marci P.

“My son has chosen, at least for now, lacrosse. Choosing is a lifeskill, but after every camp, who is the bar?” Excel in Basketball. “It was good, but not as good as Excel. (a live-in lacrosse camp in Oregon). Where does my son’s continuous desire to improve come from? Thank you for your huge impact, footsteps for life.”

Henry K.

“After watching “When the Game Stands Tall”, my son spontaneously cleaned up the theater. Thank you for helping to raise my son to be a dependable man. Bless you and your coaching on and more importantly off the camp.”

Theresa B.

“I’m very impressed with the inspirational message you share with the campers. I’ve read several things on your website, as well as the Awards Dedications. Excel truly is the whole package, growing as a person, and as a a player.”

Trish J.

“My daughter is attending camp this week and I cannot get over how impressed I am with the camp. From the first day when drills started promptly at 9:00 AM, to the mid week update, to the drills and practice they participate in every day, it is absolutely awe inspiring. Every thing is organized. Your leaders know where the kids are at any moment and the coaching they are getting is outstanding. It is great to learn skills in an incredibly motivational environment. This is something that will stay with my kids for many years to come.”


“We have enrolled our son in many camps over the years. Excel is without a doubt, the finest teaching camp we have ever seen. The knowledge and ability to transmit it is a special gift that the staff of Excel possess.”

Terry W.

“Your comments about becoming a great teammate on and off the court came across loud and clear to my son. He was very impressed with your teachings and motivational lectures. I already see changes in his behavior and maturity.”

Ray Z.

“Thank you for all that you do to motivate and educate kids. You and your staff are so amazing and we are fortunate that there are programs like this. What a great reflection of your competitive spirit and incredible character. Our son sets “the table for greatness” every night.”

Jill W.

“Thank you for your guidance, leadership, and friendship. You have a special gift for coaching, mentoring, inspiring many, including, but not limited to Excel campers! Our lives are richer because our paths have crossed.”

Betsy M.

“Thanks not only for what you have done for and given to my own kids and family, but also for the greater Bay Area community as a whole! It gives me such hope when I attend the Friday ceremonies, and see how so many of the kids are really putting their full and best efforts into the camp. I just know this will translate into “life skills” for our upcoming generation!.”

Patti D.

“Thanks for a great week! We were visiting family last week and will definitely travel from Alaska to do it again! This is one of the best camps my son has ever attended! Your coaching & life philosophy are inspirational to say the least! Thanks for making our son a better player and person this week.”

Mary M.

“Attending camp is something my son looks forward to each year. It is heartwarming to go to camp and see what is taking place at Excel. Impressive young staffers making a positive impact on the lives of kids. Thanks for making a difference.”

Bill R.

“Every session I personally take away great nuggets from your talks at the end of the sessions. It makes me want to sit in on the lecture times each day to hear all the other things you convey.”

Whitney P.

“Thank you so much for the PLAYS HARD acronym. We talked to both our sons about each one of these on the way home from Camp on Friday. They are embedded in my brain and we will talk about each one of these as time goes on. We appreciate your values and focus on character building. Your lessons reinforce the things we talk about at home.”

Whitney P.

“My son attended your camp for the first time this year and can’t stop talking about it. We are vacationing in Lavalette this week and he has been taking his bike each day to the outdoor courts to practice the drills he learned.”

Kevin M.

“My son has been to a wide variety of sports camps for the past 5 years. This is the first time they experienced EXCEL and it won’t be the last. Never have I received progress reports such as yours. I have had many conversations with other parents regarding our disappointment with other camps. It is refreshing to see a camp run like EXCEL. Thanks again for your efforts and inspiration.”

Judy R.

“My daughter was so sad when camp came to a close on Friday. She learned so much and was really proud of herself for improving her fundamentals. She hung on every word Coach Allocco and the other coaches said and shared stories about her day throughout the evening. You are doing great things!”

Lilana S.

“We couldn’t wait to sign up for your Excel Camps again. They are likely to become a family tradition for us each summer. Thank you so much for your encouraging words to us as a family. Sometimes in the pressure of everyday life, we forget that perhaps one of our greatest purposes is to be a light in the world. It means a great deal to my wife and I that you see some of that love in our children and in us. We look forward to seeing you often this summer and learning more about basketball and some life-lessons too.”

Greg B.

“My son has completed 3 sessions this summer and is looking forward to his fourth. He comes home filled with inspiration and the desire to go outside after dinner to keep practicing. Thank you so much for your and your staff’s dedication to the campers – you have helped make this a wonderful summer for him.”

Ann R.

“You have motivated my son so much the past two weeks. He wanted to eat breakfast each day in a defensive stance. It is such a pleasure to have my son participate in such a quality program. I have been to many others and have not seen the level of pride that you take.”

Kenny B.

“We are very blessed to have you and your staff so close with a wide variety of camps. In addition to learning fundamentals from one of the top High School coaches and programs in the country, I also appreciate the focus on both basketball and life lessons. We have had several discussions this season on the relevance to school, work (careers), relations, etc. and have often quoted your insights.”

Bill W.

“Wow! Between my son Kevin and daughter Lauren, we have been doing Excel for 7-8 years!!! It will be strange and sad to no longer be going to Excel. I would really like to thank all of the coaches who have served our community for so many years. You run an amazing program which has been a great experience for both of my children (and me) on many levels.”

Steve K.

“I was really happy with the results of the shooting camp, I feel it has helped all three of my kids tremendously. They are all focusing on the fundamentals of foot check, back check, grip check, etc. They are daily practicing their free throws along with the sheet Excel handed out at the camp. Honestly, I wish we attended years ago.”

Michael O.

“My son learned more from your camps this summer than all his other years of instruction combined. He told me next summer he wants to do only Excel all summer! Thanks for putting on a great camp.”

Sheila M.

Letters to Excel

Excel’s mission is to “Change the World One Player at a Time”. Since our inception in 1981 we have lived this mission and provided a great experience for our campers by using basketball as a vehicle to provide them with valuable life lessons that serve them for life. We are proud of the numerous letters we have received from parents and campers over the years confirming that we are accomplisihing our goal. Please see below for a few such letters: