Letter From the Founder

An Amazing History of Kids Enjoying Excel

Dear Parents and Campers,

I have been very blessed to have a great career as an athlete and as a coach. I attribute my success to the solid upbringing I received from my wonderful mother and father. Their efforts were enhanced by the many great coaches that I had, dating back to my youth days, up through high school, and then on to college.

I have been fortunate to have been a successful youth coach in New Providence, New Jersey and in Concord, California. I learned so much from the boys and girls on my first teams and treasure the relationships I have with them to this very day. Since the 80’s I have been involved in Youth Basketball through my commitment to CYO Basketball. Even though I am no longer coaching in CYO, I enjoy my time serving on the Board of the East Diablo CYO Program where I get to work with so many committed volunteer Athletic Directors who truly love kids.

Coach Allocco: 1983 Camp

Todd Lichti, Future NBA Player: Excel-Mt. Diablo

I am grateful to the Administration of Northgate High School and De La Salle High School who gave me the opportunity to coach and mentor their high school students and serve their communities. Many of the youngsters that I coached in high school now make the time each year to come back and work at Excel!

But most of all, I thank the thousands of families who have entrusted their children to my care. Excel is my ministry, it is my passion. Serving children and trying to provide them with great tools to become better players and better people is my life’s commitment.

As I look through the hundreds of photos on this site, I am truly grateful for all of the campers and coaches who have enriched my life through our work together. I am extremly proud that so many kids look back to their days at Excel as some of their most treasured summer memories.

I hope you will take a moment to explore the many pages on this fun site. It is filled with the history of our camp, with every award winner, plus amazing photos of the thousands of campers who spent their summers at Excel.

Since its inceptoin in 1981, I have remain invovled at every camp. Why? …..because it is what I absolutely LOVE to do.

I remain commited to providing the best experience possible for your child, and to using Exel camp as a way to “Change the World One Player at a Time”.

Yours in Basketball,
Frank Allocco
Camp Director since 1981

Previous California Staff

  • Mike Aboussie: Ex Boys Coach, Alhambra HS
  • Gabe Adami: Ex Girls Coach-Northgate HS
  • Jeff Addiego: Com. Relations, Golden State Warriors
  • Mike Allocco: All State Player, Northgate H.S.
  • Jayne Appel: Stanford, WNBA
  • Nate Appel: Chico State University
  • Gus Argenal: Head Coach, Cal State East Bay
  • Justin Argenal: College Coach, The Citadel
  • Jim Barnett: Ex NBA Player, Golden State Warriors
  • Tim Bataska: Ex Boys Coach, Northgate HS
  • Erika Bjork: Public Relations, Sacramento Kings
  • Tom Blackwood: Ex Boys Coach, Miramonte HS
  • Ray Buck: HS Coach, Castro Valley HS
  • Mark Bucklew: Ex Girls Coach, Northgate HS
  • Kevin Butler: Ex College Player, UC Riverside
  • Art Cattano: Boys Coach, New Providence HS
  • Steffi Cornell: College Player, Sonoma State
  • Jeff Crain: Ex Girls Coach, Las Lomas HS
  • Rick Croy: Head Coach, Cal Baptist Univ.
  • Brian Dietschy: Youth Basketball Coach
  • Ivan Dodic: Ex Boys Coach, Bishop O’Dowd HS
  • Bob Dziengeleski: Ex College Player, St. Bonaventure
  • Brian Elchinoff: Ex Boys Coach, De La Salle
  • Pat Ertola: Athletic Director, Alhambra HS
  • Jimmy Estrada: ASA Basketball Coach
  • Conor Famulener: Ex College Player, CAL
  • Reyna Fortenberry: Ex College Coach, UC Riverside
  • Margaret Gartner: Girls Coach, Carondelet HS
  • Michael Gleisner: Ex Boys Coach, Berean Christian
  • Leigh Gregory: College Coach, Univ. of Minnesota
  • Frank Knight: Boys Coach, Moreau Catholic HS
  • Simon Knight: Ex College Player, Colgate Univ.
  • Tim Kruger: Athletic Director, Las Lomas HS
  • A.J. Kuhle: College Coach, Denver University
  • Bryan Lee: Ex College Player, Grand Canyon Univ.
  • Chad with Jr. Campers Todd Lichti: Stanford, NBA Player
  • Paul LeClaire: East Bay Bulldogs AAU
  • Leo Lopoz: Athletic Director, De La Salle HS
  • Jeff Loving: Ex Boys Coach, Las Lomas HS
  • Tim Lunsford: Ex Boys Coach, De La Salle HS
  • Nicole McCallister: Ex College Player, Oregon State
  • John McCarthur: College Player, Santa Clara
  • Chad Mortensen: Boys Coach, De La Salle
  • Michelle Mortensen: Ex College Player, Sonoma State
  • Joe Nagy: Ex College Coach, UC Santa Barbara
  • Ron Pangilinan: Girls Coach, Bentley School
  • Travis Pacos: College Player, Northwest Christian
  • Zach Payne: College Coach, Whitworth University
  • Dan Peera: College Player, Rice University
  • Corazon Riley: Ex College Player, Notre Dame College
  • Monika Roberts: Ex Professional Basketball Player
  • Kyle Roemer instructing Theo Robertson: NBA Coach, Los Angeles Lakers
  • Kyle Roemer: Ex College Player, Colgate University
  • Mikael Roemer: Boys Coach, De La Salle HS
  • Paul Roemer: Ex College Player, UC Santa Barbara
  • Justin Joyner: Ex College Player, UC Santa Barbara
  • Duke DaRe: College Player, UC Santa Barbara
  • Mike Samuels: CEO Ultimate Fieldhouse
  • Ryan Schlaich: College Coach, UC Irvine
  • Chris Schlatter: Ex College Player, Washington State
  • Marcus Schroeder: College Coach, St. Mary’s College
  • Ryan Silva: Ex College Player, UC Davis
  • Garry St. Jean: Ex Pro Coach, NBA Warriors and Kings
  • Greg St. Jean: Professsional Coach, Sacramento Kings
  • Nick Sullivan: College Coach, Northwest Christian
  • Dan Swan: Head Girls Coach, Heritage HS
  • Joe Teramoto: College Coach, UC Davis
  • Brandon Thomas: College Coach, Citrus College
  • Govinda Thomas-Carter: EX College Player, West Texas A&M
  • Joelle Crawford: Ex College Player, Colorado, Col. Springs
  • Ryan Thompson: Boys Coach, Valley Baptist HS
  • Melanie Turner: Ex College Player, Univ. of San Francisco
  • Langhston Walker-Oregon State University
  • Chris Whirlow: MVP Flight AAU
  • Jason Williams: Ex Professional, Australia
  • Brendan Winters: European Professional Basketball
  • Ray Horwath: Ex European Professional
  • Brian Winters: Ex Pro Coach, Golden State Warriors

Previous New Jersery Staff

  • Frank Allocco, Jr.: Director of ASA Basketball
  • Gregg Allocco, Director, Excel AAU, Ohio
  • Kelly Bartz: Girls Coach, Dunellen HS
  • Dave Boff: Boys Coach, Roselle Catholic HS
  • Paul Casarico: Asst. Supt, New Providence S.D.
  • Jack Cole: College Player, Stonehill College
  • Kaitlyn Cresencia: College Player, Connecticut College
  • Roy David: Ex Boys Coach-Morris Catholic
  • Kameron deVoogd: College Player, St. Peter’s College
  • Sebastian deVoogd: Boys Coach, New Providence HS
  • Dan Doherty: Boys Coach-Scotch Plains HS
  • Walt Hennessey: Girls Coach-Union HS
  • John Hutchinson: Ex Boys Coach-Hillside HS
  • Basil Kennedy: AAU Basketball Coach
  • Rich Lally: Ex Boys Coach-New Providence HS
  • Lynn Lopez: Ex College Player-FDU
  • Mike Mancino: Boys Coach, Caldwell HS
  • Rick Mangili: Ex Boys Coach, New Providence HS
  • Steve McCauley: Ex Boys Coach, Roselle Park HS
  • David Mead: Ex Boys Coach, Livingston HS
  • Scott Murphy: Girls Coach, New Providence HS
  • Steve Petruzelli, Boys Coach, Governor Livingston
  • Rob Ritter: Girls Coach, Governor Livingston
  • Bob Romeo: Ex Boys Coach, New Providence HS
  • Mike Roof: Boys Coach, Roselle Catholic HS
  • Kevin Schmid: Boys Coach, Mendham HS
  • Andy Silvagni: Girls Coach, Governor Livingston
  • Tim Simo, Ex Boys Coach, New Providence HS
  • Stephanie Parin: Youth Basketball Coach
  • Earl Tankard: Boys Coach, Westfield HS
  • Donna Trivisonno: Ex Girls Coach, New Providence HS
  • Jim Vopal: Ex Boys Coach, New Providence HS
  • Charlie Weis: Ex Football Coach, Kansas, Notre Dame
  • Colin White: Ex Boys Coach, New Providence HS