Camp Format During COVID

What to Expect Concerning Camp Format and COVID Protocols

The safety and health of our campers has and will always come first!

We made the decision to place the majority of our camps at the John Muir Health Ultimate Fieldhouse as it has been an industry leader in providing a safe and secure environment for businesses like ours to operate within.

Based on the most recent health order provided by the State of California, the Fieldhouse is now following these protocols. We will mirror their efforts and also take some additional precautions as a camp such as cohorting campers into appropriate group sizes.

We have structured our 2021 Day Camps based on the above information.  However, we know things will continue to change, requiring/allowing us to pivot to either a more/less restrictive format. 

So, our exact camp format will remain flexible, allowing us to adapt as needed to ensure we keep your kids safe and healthy, while also providing the best possible camp experience!

We appreciate your understanding as we work to keep your children healthy and safe!.

It is also important to note that County and State guidelines change frequently, making it likely that these standards will be adjusted. We expect (thanks to vaccine availability) that additional activities will be allowed (fewer/looser restrictions) as the summer progresses.