Excel: The Cradle of Coaches

“The Cradle of Coaches”
We are very proud of our coaches who learned the game, and to love the game at Excel. The deep roots of Excel continue to flourish in their influence in other programs.

Mike Aboussie: Former Head Coach, Alhambra HS
Joe Aliotti: Former Frosh Coach, De La Salle H.S.
Frank Allocco, Jr. Director ASA Basketball
Gus ArgenalHead Coach of Cal State East Bay
Justin Argenal: The Citadel, Asst.
Tim Bataska-Northgate H.S., Asst. Coach
Justin Blackwood: Acalanes H.S., Asst.
Jim Bradshaw-Concord H.S/Heritage H.S.
Jill Changaris Muhe-San Francisco State University  Volleyball-Head Coach
Casey Coakley-Clayton Valley Baseball-Head Coach
Steffi Cornell-Lasell College, Assistant Coach
Jim Croy-Night School Basketball Director
Rick Croy-Cal Baptist University-Head Coach
Mike Darr: Head Football Coach-Diablo Valley J.C.
Brian Dietschy-Las Lomas H.S., Asst
Nick Enzweiler-Acalanes H.S., Asst. Coach
Jimmy Estrada-ASA Basketball, DLS H.S.
Cory Foskett-Former DLS Frosh Coach
Phil Galvin-General Manager of VillaSport in Beaverton, Oregon
Adam Gierlach-Rice University, Assistant Coach
Leigh Gregory-University of Minnesota, Assistant
Olga Gvozdenovic-Director of Vika Girls Basketball
Darrell Hirashima, Jr.-Former Head Coach, Acalanes
Darrell Hirashima, Sr.-Former Head Coach, Miramonte HS
Nick Holz-Oakland Raiders Assistant
Justin Joyner-MVP Flight Elite AAU
Frank Knight: Moreau Catholic Head Coach
Tim Kruger-Las Lomas Athletic Director
A.J. Kuhle-Denver University, Assistant Coach
Brett Lauer: Concordia University, Assistant
Paul Leclaire, Jr.: Cal H.S., Assistant
Paul Leclaire, Sr.: Head Coach East Bay Bulldogs
Eric Linehan-Miramonte H.S., Assistant
Leo Lopoz-De La Salle, Athletic Director
Tosh Lupoi-Univ. of Washington Football

Jennifer Marvin: Diablo Valley Women’s Assistant
Tracy Morris Sanders, Saint Mary's College Basketball
Ken Mullins-Arizona Magic AAU Basketball Head Coach
Joe Nagy: UC Santa Barbara, Asst. Former
Sean Namanny-Head Coach, Foresthill High School
Zach Payne: College Coach: Whitworth University
Cap Pazdera-New Providence H.S. Women’s Coach
Theo Recchia-Former Coach-De La Salle HS
Theo Robertson-UC Berkeley, Asst.
Greg St. Jean-Sacramento Kings, Assistant
Jeff Samuels-Former Coach at De La Salle HS
Mike Samuels-Asst. AD at Univ. of Reno
Marcus Schroeder-Saint Mary's College, Assistant
Ryan Schlaich-UC Irvine, Assistant

Andy Silvagni-Head Coach, Governor Livingston Women's Basketball
Steve Siracusa-New Providence H.S
David Steinman-Director of Basketball, Springfield YMCA
Sara Steinman-Moravian College, Assistant Coach
Brian Sullivan    Associate Head Coach DLS

Matt Sytkowski-Head Coach, Sports Specific Conditioning, CYC
Dan Swan-Northgate H.S/Heritage H.S. Head Coach
Lexy Tamony- Former Heritage H.S. Head Coach
Joe Teramoto: UC Davis, Women’s Assistant
Brandon Thomas: Citrus College, Assistant
Steve Valenzuela-Miramonte H.S, Assistant
Ryan Thompson-College Coach, No. Valley Baptist
Jason Wallis-Monte Vista, Assistant Coach
Chris Whirlow-MVP Flight AAU
Colin White-HS Coach in New Jersey

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